Juan Luis Bravo

Camera-Ready Future

When he was a little boy, Juan Luis Bravo’s parents never worried too much about all the TV and cartoons he watched. “Because I would then draw, write and make videos,” he says. This early talent blossomed into creating animation and stop-motion films as he got older.

Currently a student in the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Juan’s video experience served him well in summer 2012, when he interned for Google, working at the company’s YouTube offices.

Juan originally considered attending an art school, but a visit to USC changed that. “In addition to the film school having such a great reputation, I thought USC would give me a great foundation and opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise,” he says. He adds, for instance, “the Dalai Lama wouldn’t have come to speak at an art school.”

Juan joined LAA during his freshman year, quickly taking part in the pilot leadership project. “The then-president of Comerica taught us how to network, about dining etiquette and how to interview,” he says. In turn, Juan and his fellow participants paired up with high school students to mentor them through the college admission process.

Even though the LAA scholarship was tremendous helpful in enabling him to attend USC, Juan says the association’s benefits go far beyond finances. “Right away, LAA gave us opportunities for business training and volunteerism.”

After graduating, Juan hopes to continue creating his own projects—but perhaps for a technology or video game company instead of a movie studio or TV network. “There is a changing idea of what film can be, and I want to be ahead of that curve,” he says.

Whatever the specifics of his future career, Juan looks forward to staying involved with LAA. “LAA is a place from which I have received a lot,” he says. “And I want to give back a lot.”