Manny Anguiano

Giving Back

Although Manny Anguiano ’87 could not accept a USC Latino Alumni Association (LAA) scholarship because it would have jeopardized his varsity baseball scholarship, he admired the association’s work and, after graduation, asked how he could help. He has remained active with the association, chairing the scholarship committee, serving on the board of directors and several committees, and helping tomorrow’s Latino leaders succeed in college.

After a dozen years at Sunset Telecom Systems, where he was a partner as well as vice president and secretary, in 2010 he launched Converge Telecom & Data Solutions, a thriving business that he built from the ground up, but he still finds time to be as active in LAA as ever.

“My USC experience playing baseball and attending business school gave me the self-discipline to establish goals and work hard to achieve them,” he says. “When you’re tight and tired, you have to keep going and not give up.”
The importance of this drive for success—regardless of the obstacles we face—is a message Manny tries to impart when talking to young Latino students. “Nothing in life is free; you have to go out and get it.”

Higher education certainly is not free, which is why Manny believes support organizations such as LAA are more vital than ever. “The money the LAA raises goes to students who realize how important it is to continue their college education.”

Manny considers his own education as ongoing process. “I’m a life-long learner. I believe that you should never settle on what you know. You have to continue to expand on your knowledge base to become an effective leader.”
A lesson he hopes young alumni understand is how much they can do to give back even if they are not yet making much money. “Time is just as valuable as dollars,” he says. “If you carve out a little bit of time to give back in terms of volunteering for different committees.”

The benefit, he adds, is mutual. “By getting involved in something you really enjoy, it’s a great way to expand your personal network. I firmly believe in the Trojan Family in which everyone is taking care of one another.”