Programs for Students

The Latino Alumni Association offers a wide range of programs and events to support, educate and inspire LAA scholars, Latino USC students and alumni.

Alumni Life Class

Life Classes are taught by USC alumni on the theme of lessons learned since graduation. The monthly classes are aimed at students who are interested in pursuing careers similar to the alumni speakers. The event is a great opportunity for students to ask what it’s like to work in the alumni’s field, ways to proactively prepare while in school and how to achieve work–life balance.

Annual Scholars Leadership Retreat

This back-to-school welcome event for LAA scholars is an inspirational day that features distinguished keynote speakers and hands-on workshops. The retreat gives LAA scholars an opportunity to meet members of the LAA Board of Directors and Scholarship Committee, connect with their fellow scholars, build camaraderie and learn about the scope of LAA’s programs.

Inspirational Conversations with Alumni

Alumni and students are matched for interesting and helpful conversations in this enjoyable, interactive, one-day mentoring program. What students hear at this event could change their career paths and their lives. Open to all students.

Mocktails—sponsored by Target

Students learn the art of networking in “speed-dating” style at this fun and informative event. Alumni give LAA scholars an overview of ways to stand out at networking events and how to leave a lasting impression.

Outreach Efforts/Student Panels

LAA organizes student panels to speak at various higher education outreach programs to highlight the excellence of our LAA scholars. Participation in a panel counts toward scholars’ required volunteer hours.

Transformational Leaders Initiative

This series of workshops led by two experienced professionals— Yasmin Davidds, PSY.D, M.C.C. and Jamie Greene, LMFT—provides LAA scholars with guidance, motivation and the leadership skills necessary to be successful in today’s workforce.
Workshop topics include:

  • enhanced career coaching
  • key strategies for breaking into and succeeding in corporate America
  • Latina empowerment
  • business etiquette and developing your professional style
  • internship placement and job search coaching
  • increasing emotional intelligence